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"What an awesome experience!

Kris the property host and tour guide was very friendly and informative. You will get to see up close and personal a few steam vents and fissures including the massive fissure 8! We live nearby and were here throughout the eruption. Seeing the source of so such beautiful creation and destruction up close was something we will never forget! Kris had so much first hand knowledge of the eruption itself and the new volcanic features that even we learned a few new things about what we all experienced in 2018. Highly recommend this tour to locals and visitors alike you won't regret it!"

-Andrew Simmons


"If you really want to see lava and life after it , go to Fissure 8 with Kris. Kris spent 2 hours showing everything. We so excited, so many emotions. Strong recommendations to everyone who travel to Hawaii.
Kris thank you so much"


-Ravil and Kate


"OUTSTANDING TOUR!!!!!!! This has been the highlight of our trip so far. Kris did a fantastic job of guiding my wife and I through the ordeal he and his family lived through. He painted a picture for us with photos, then took us through his fence into an otherworldly place. We were constantly in awe of what Madame Pele created and beyond impressed with all the work Kris has put in to give this tour. I have been a tour guide in DC, Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park and currently am an educator at a fire museum- Kris has put together an incredible tour that is not to be missed!! MAKE THE TIME TO TAKE THIS TOUR!!!!!"

-Philip Clinard


"Awe inspiring and heart breaking at the same time. Chris is passionate about this place and preserving it. He took his time with us and shared his story while showing us the unbelievable power of the earth. Not to be missed if you’re visiting Hilo!"

-Daryl Weisenberger


"Truly amazing! Chris is such an incredible guide, he will tell you the history of this eruption! Tell his own personal experience and story along the way, he takes his time and PLEASE make sure to BOOK with HIM! He’s the only one that can take you on this tour legally unlike other guides who walk on his property illegally!

The trip was an amazing experience and you can feel the steam! So coool"


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